BoB is the leading musculosketal analysis package developed in MATLAB and inherits many of MATLAB's features including manipulation of plots and large data handling. Also all of BoB's stored data files can be directly accessed by MATLAB.

BoB features include:
    - Easy data importing from
          * C3D (eg Vicon / CodaMotion / Qualisys / BTS)
          * BVH files
          * MVNX from Xsens
          * calc from Perception Neuron
          * Text file
          * User defined equations
    - User editable skeleton and muscle models
    - Short learning curve makes BoB ideal for teaching
    - Advanced analysis capability makes BoB ideal for research
    - Easy data exchange with MATLAB
    - User defined MATLAB Handle Graphics scripts
    - Extensive graphics display features
    - Calculation of ground reaction forces
    - Calculation of joint torques
    - Calculation of muscle forces, length and velocities
    - Calculation of joint contact forces
    - Calculation of centre of mass
    - Output of tabulated data, images and videos
    - Synchronised videos

BoB has been downloaded by over 400 research and commercial organisations.